List of Kates papers associated with Presidency of the AAG

AAG Presidential papers of R. W. Kates are found at:

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Dr. Geoffrey J. Martin is the official Archivist of the AAG.
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Dr. Norman Stewart, who has processed and inventoried Part II, and is currently reviewing Part I, can be reached at the AGS Library. He handled the AAG presidential papers of Robert W. Kates

Papers of Robert W. Kates (1929-__ )

Box 204:

AAG Matters
Candidacy for Vice President, 1991-1994.
Commission on College Geography/ : Learning Modules Project, 1995-1996.
Committee on Community Colleges, 1993.
Departmental Assistance, 1993-1994.


Business meetings, 1993-1995.
Council Meetings, 1992-1995.
Executive Committee Meetings.
AAG meeting, 1994/
Speeches-Presidential Plenary Session: “Geographers as Head of Interdisciplinary projects”.
AAG Meeting 1995/ Past Presidents’ Address (MS. Reprint).
AAG meetings, 1996-1997/ Program Materials.
Meeting: Academic Leadership Roundtable, 1992-1994 (involved Geographers in deanships, presidencies, and other academic leadership positions).
Meeting: W/N.G.S., re: Academic Standards, 1994.

Box 205:

Abler, Ron, 1992-1995 General, 1993-1995
Speeches: (Largely to regional divisions, includes notes on geographical humor) 1993-1995.


Dedication of new AAG headquarters, 1993.
Independent Scholars (columns, lists, meetings, organizations, 1993-1995.
National Center for Geographic Information & Analysis (U. Mass.), 1993.
Maine Geographical Alliance- Summer Institute, 1994.


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