List of Kates papers archived at Clark University

SUBSERIES 1:  1971-1985

C KATE 1-1-1
Finding Aid
Curriculum Vita, December, 2002
List of Publications
Interview with Robert W. Kates
A Correspondence
Academic Affairs Correspondence
B Correspondence
Ian Burton Correspondence
Anne Buttimer
C Correspondence
Chain Letter for Nuclear Disarmament
China-seed trialsD Correspondence

C KATE 1-1-2  
E Correspondence
F Correspondence
G Correspondence
Robert Geipel (1980-1983)
Denis Goulet (1979-1983)  
H Correspondence
I Correspondence
Institute of Atmospheric Physics--Univ. of Arizona--L. J. Battan, 8/75
J Correspondence
K Correspondence

C KATE 1-1-3
L Correspondence
Landscape and Recreation Working Group Members (Amherst, Mass. 1976)
Mary Pfan Lavine, 1978
M Correspondence
Norman Myers
Marxism Sit-in -- Petitions -- April, 1976
N Correspondence
Salvatore Natoli
Elena Nightingale
O Correspondence
P Correspondence
Mike Pasqualetti
Pinchot Consortium for Environmental Forestry
R Correspondence
Don Ritter (Risk Analysis Research and Demonstration Act, 1980)

C KATE 1-1-4
S Correspondence
Eleanor Singer
T Correspondence
Temple College
Traveler's Insurance Company
U Correspondence
U. S. Environmental Protection Agency Search for Asst. Admin. Material, 1977
University Professor, 1974-79
V Correspondence
W Correspondence
Gilbert White -- General Correspondence
X, Z Correspondence
Kates Correspondence, unidentified

SUBSERIES 2:  1988-1999

C KATE 1-2-1
1988-1992 Correspondence
1993 Correspondence
1994 Correspondence
1995 Correspondence
1996 Correspondence
1997 Correspondence
1998 Correspondence
1999 Correspondence


C KATE 2-1
"Aquarius" - a computer assisted instructional program-'70s
Clark Faculty Correspondence
Correspondence regarding faculty appointments
Student Correspondence
Student Recommendations
Correspondence regarding Graduate School Acceptances and Requests
Graduate Student Recommendations
Correspondence with students guided by Kates in pursuing Doctorates or in Directed Reading:
Walker Banning - 1970-72
Eileen Berry - 1970-72
Raban Chanda - 1982
Monique Cohen
Tom Downing - 1980-82
Michael Enders
Abe Goldman - 1978-84
Brandon Johnson - 1980-81
Jim Lyons
David McCauley - 1973
Mark Mujwahuzi
Jean Perkins
David Pijawka
William Reibsame
Hilary Renwick
Alan Sharaf
Larry Simon
Paul Susman
James Wood

C KATE 2-2Trustees Committee for Planning and Development [1975-1977]
Black Student Union - 1969-71
Committee in Corporate Responsibility - 1971-73
Committee on Research Task Force 1974-1975
Committee on Rights of Human Participants in Research and Training Program - 1969
Graduate Board - 1977
Program in Geography and Associated Studies for Ph.D's - 1978
Seminar on Effective Management of Environmental Resources in Developing Countries, supported by Exxon - 1983
Technology and Man (directed program of interdisciplinary majors - 1972)
Course Syllabi


C KATE 3-1
Lafollette Study, 1961-1962, for Ph.d
Dissertation Proposal, LaFollette Study, 1961
Interview Codes - Ph.D., 1962
Ph.D., 1962 - Notes on Interviews
Outline and Draft of Report on LaFollette Study -1962
Ph.D., 1962 - Notes for Chapter I. (Introduction Source & Purpose)
Ph.D., 1962 - Notes for Chapter II. (Decision Making and Resource Management)
Ph.D., 1962 - Notes for Chapter III. (Study: Strategy, sites and methods)
Ph.D., 1962 - Notes for Chapter IV. (Probability and Hazard Evaluations)
Ph.D., 1962 - Notes for Chapter V.
Ph.D., 1962 - Notes for Chapter VI. (Conclusions)
Behavioral Models of Resource Use-Ph.D., 1962
Comments on Ph.D. Draft - l962
Ref.[erence] Matl.[erial] for Ph.D.-Cerrito Creek Basin, Calif.
Ref. Matl. for Ph.D.-Desert Hot Springs, Calif.
Ref. Matl. for Ph.D.-Aurora, Indiana
Ref. Matl. for Ph.D.-Darlington, Wisconsin
Ref. Matl. for Ph.D.-Watkins Glen, New York
Flood Plain Land Value Study - 1961

C KATE 3-2
Lehigh Flood Study Project
Lehigh Working Data
Flood Plain Exercise Hydrology Unit
Lehigh Study Working File
Schematic of Adjustment to Industrial Plant
Figures, Diagrams
Flood Warning, Floodproofing
Supplemental Material - 1963
Harvard Water Seminar - 1963
Lehigh Project Correspondence, Dec. 1962-Mar. 1965
Draft Originals
Draft Comments
Publication Research Paper No. 98
Published Letters, Misc. Small Items, 1963-64
IGU "Man and Environment," 1967-72
International geographical union ["Industrial flood losses:  damage estimation in the Lehigh Valley"]

C KATE 3-3
Lehigh Data Sheets-Miscellaneous
Lehigh Computer Printouts
Lehigh Data Sheets, Allentown, folder 1
Lehigh Data Sheets, Allentown, folder 2
Lehigh Data Sheets, Allentown, folder 3

C KATE 3-4
NAS Sahel conference, Washington D.C., 1976
Sahel Translations
“Impoverished Science and Poorest Nations…”
Drought Data
Misc. Correspondence re: Drought in Tanzania & NHR Conference, 1969
Draft of Paper by Kates & [Benjamin] Wisner, "The
Role of Agricultural Drought in a Developing Economy:  Examples from Tanzania and Kenya"
Drought Correspondence - Ben Wisner, 1969-74
"Water as a Focus for Rural Research:  For Research in Rural Africa," 1969
"Drought in Northeast Tanzania:  Comparative Observations of Farm Experience and Adjustment at 13 Sites" by Kates and Heijen, 1971-72
Correspondence re: Drought in Tanzania, 1970-79
Conference on International Development   Problem in the Sahel
NAS Advisory Panel on Arid Lands of Sub-  Saharan Africa, 1973-75
NAS Mtg. of the Ad-Hoc Advisory Committee on Arid Land in Sub-Saharan Africa Sept. 6-7, 1973
NAS-NRC Study - Ecological Problems of the Sahel, 1974
Sahel - Misc. Correspondence, 1973-1981
Conference in Bellagio, Italy - October 1974: International Development Strategies for the Sahel
Sahel-Sudan Collaborative Drought
Experience Study-1975
C KATE 3-5
Managua Earthquake Studies
Reports of the National Committee on Economic Reconstruction, 1972
State Dept. (Managua Earthquake, Dec. 23-24, 1972)
Managua - Survey and Correspondence - 1974
Residential Housing Classification - 1973
Proto Packet - Mid-Term Review
Correspondence - 1973-74
Report of the International Advisory Panel - 1973
Document of Hazards Research Assessment
Managua Tables 12/6/73
Managua Interviews
Loans - Housing
Employers' Interviews
Nicaragua Background Material
Disaster Reconstruction Vignettes
Emergency Water Conference
Original Proposal

C KATE 3-6
Family In-Depth, English Translations
Employer’s Case Study, typescripts, Mar. 1974
Influentials Studies, First Wave
Influentials Surveys, First Round
Field Notes & Influentials Survey, Second Round
Influentials, Second Round
Family In-Depth, typescripts, Spanish
Ranking of First Round of Influential
Interviews, Prep for second

C KATE 3-7
Residential-Seasonal Interviews, site #01
Residential-Seasonal Interviews, site #02
Residential-Seasonal Interviews, site #03
Residential-Seasonal Interviews, site #04
Residential-Seasonal Interviews, site #05
Residential-Seasonal Interviews, site #06
Residential-Seasonal Interviews, site #07
Residential-Seasonal Interviews, site #08

C KATE 3-8
Residential-Seasonal Interviews, site #09
Residential-Seasonal Interviews, site #10
Residential-Seasonal Interviews, site #11
Residential-Seasonal Interviews, site #12

C KATE 3-9
Photographs, January 1973
Lista de Fotos Escala
Instituto Geographico, Photography, Line 1
Instituto Geographico, Photography, Line 2
Instituto Geographico, Photography, Line 3
Instituto Geographico, Photography, Line 4
Instituto Geographico, Photography, Line 5Instituto Geographico, Photography, Assorted

C KATE 3-10
Code Book, Managua
Managua Zones and Corresponding Respondent
Managua Family Study
Managua Directories
INCAE – Instituto Centroamericano de
Administracion de Empresas
Observations on Housing Project Locations
Banco de la Vivienda de Nicaragua
Trainer, Ramos Contact List, June-July 1974
USAID Memorandum
International Aid Conference, 1973

C KATE 3-11
Reconstruction Following Disaster
Schedule & Chapter Outline
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III – Folder 1
Chapter III –Folder 2
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Blank Family Interview Forms, Managua 1974
and Rapid City, Second Wave
Hazard Recurrence Items - Family StudyProposal Summaries
Rapid City

C KATE 3-12
AAAS Meeting - San Francisco, 1974
Anchorage, Alaska - Source materials
The Coming San Francisco Earthquake
Publications & Preparations
Geol-Seismological-Engineering Reports DRP-  USSR-US working groups on Earthquake Prediction
Block Diagram
Source Materials
Advisory Committee
Human Adjustment to Earthquake Hazards
Interviews of "Influentials"
Rapid City Questionnaires
Science Article (revised draft)
Critical Review "Reconstruction Following Disaster"
Kunreuther Study
Bolin Field Notes
Olson Article
Human Response & Impact Reports
Organizational Activity - DRIP Mtg. Notes
World Bank Decision Processes - DRIP
Dan Amaral Correspondence
Dan Amaral Field Notes
George Baker correspondence
E. Dobrovolny correspondence
Guerrero correspondence
V. Norton correspondence
R. Olson correspondence
Pat Trainer correspondence
Research correspondence
Misc. correspondence
"Preventing Catastrophe In America's Future", Kates, 1977
"The Natural History of Catastrophe" paper by Kates and [Martyn] Bowden, 1978

C KATE 3-13
Desertification and LDC (Least Developed Countries) Studies
Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1975-78
International Development Program- Workshop on Environmental Issuesand Trends in Eastern and Southern Africa-1976
Least Developed Countries -- Clark Research Group Proposal
LDC-Clark Research Group Working File
LDC-Aid-Eastern and Southern Africa,1970
LDC-DRODAT working file
BOSTID/NAS (Board on Science & Technology for Internationa Development) Sept. 11, 12,1975
Dakar, Senegal -- DRODAT Workshop - April 30-May 3,1976
Desertification-Budget Letter fromTownley,12/22/75
Desertification-Author's Review--May 29-31,1976
Desertification-files of Change (list of corroborators, materials sent  out, etc.)
Correspondence-American Association for the Advancement of Science- 1976-77
Documents for AAS Advisory Committee on Desertification
U.N. Conference on Desertification-- Kenya, Africa, 9/9/77
Economic Geography Mailing List & Correspondence,Desertification Issue -- 1977
Desertification Monitoring -- 1977
Population Society and Desertification --Final Rpt.-Dec.'77
Third Authors Meeting on Desertification--Sept.3-6, 1976
Desertification - Misc. Correspondence -1976-77
Desertification - Demographic Review Correspondence -'76-'77
LDC - Desertification - Demographic, Social, and Behavioral Component
Desertification Reports - Correspondence - 1976
Abstract of Desertification Component
Desertification - Fact Sheet for Component Review
Desertification Meeting (not attended) Aug. 29 - Sept. 9, l977
Desertification - Reports and Drafts

C KATE 3-14
UNESCO--General Correspondence, 1973
U.N. Disaster Relief Coordination - 1972-75
U.N./UNDP - Townley, Hessel, Lankester-1972
U.N./UNESCO - Paris - 1972-73
U.N. Undersecretary General Political and General Assembly Affairs - Bradford Morse - 1972
U.N. Conference on the Human Environment - 1973-74
"The Counter Culture and the Environment."
"The College of Penultimate Problems."
Landscape Architecture Issue -- Planning the Landscape for a Hazardous Future.
Correspondence concerning Publications for Landscape Architecture -- 1970-74
Misc. Correspondence, Notes, Graphs, etc.
(2 folders)Disaster Reconstruction Policy Issues (Source Material)
Readings:  Reviews and Letters (Corrections) 1965-70
Royalties Readings -- Contract
Prentice Hall Book -- 1962-70
Bobbs-Merril Reprints.
"Geographical Contributions to Alternative
Development Approaches for Least Developed Nations"-1976
The Management of Future Environments - 1970
Interdisciplinary Environmental Approaches:Theory by Disciplines - Geographical Contributions to Man-Environment Theory.
ECA Water Resources Manual - 1971-72
Geographical Contributions to Man -Environment Theory
General Correspondence
Planning Papers

C KATE 3-15
"Moisture and Man"
Haitian Development Study
Assessing the Assessors:  Three Ideologies of Risk Assessment -- AMBIO
Precipitation Augmentation - Correspondence, 1972-74
"Resource Management and EnvironmentalPlanning."
"Human Issues in Human Rights" -- Science-- 1978
Australian Address - Final Commentary of RWK, 1978
Desertification - Special Issue, Economic Geography Oct. 1977
"Making the Most of the Least:  Alternative Development for Poor Nations" Notes -Sept., 1977
"Technological Hazard and the Choice of Appropriate Technology" - paper at Wingspread Conference, Racine, WI, 1978
"The Scientists' Dilemma:  Conflict Between
Concerns for Human Rights and the Imperative to Communicate" -- 1979

C KATE 3-16
Master Copy of "Natural Disasters and Development" for Wingspread Conference Oct. 19-20, 1975
LDC - Desertification - Authors Meeting – New York, c. 16-18, 1975
Desertification - Authors Meeting - May 29-30,1976 Canberra, Australia Desertification - Field Studies, AliceSprings, Australia - June 1-4, 1976
Desertification Field Studies - Jodhpur, India, June 6-8, 1976
LDC - Desertification - Working File
LDC - Wingspread Conference - Racine, Wisc., Oct. 19-22, 1975
Author's Second Overview Meeting - American  Association for Advancement of Science, Boston, Feb. 19-2l, 1976
LDC - Proposal for Sudanic Sahelian Drought  Study
Drought and Man Case History - Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies
"Natural Disasters and Development" - Wingspread Conference Paper - Oct. 19- 22, 1975
LDC - Clark Research Group - Meeting, Notes and Minutes - Oct.-Dec. 1974
LDC - Wingspread Correspondence, 1975
Environment and Development Research Group-Nov.'74
LDC - Environmental Information for Development
LDC - Alternative Development Approach
LDC - Project Outline
LDC - Initial Project Proposals, Outlines, Responses
LDC - India Correspondence-1974
LDC - Warsaw Center for African Studies
LDC - Poland Correspondence - 1974
Overseas Liaison Committee - 1973 (2 folders)
Rockefeller Grant - Environmental Constraints on LDC
LDC - Graduate Student Conference - March,1975
25 Least Developed Countries of the World - 1974
LDC - Miscellaneous Correspondence - 1973-75
LDC - Warsaw - Oct. 16-23, 1974
LDC - Proposal for Collaborative Research - Aug. 1974
Environmental Information Proposal
LDC - OXFAM - American Paper - Feb. 2, 1975
LDC - Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions

C KATE 3-17
Environmental Hazards and Risks to Children
Correspondence 1974-76 with Dorothy Noyes Kane re:risks to children
Elm Park Center (Study of Environmental Risks to Children) 1975-86
"Children's Perception of Environmental Quality" research program 1972-75
AAAS Mtg. Boston, MA - Feb. 19-23, 1976. Papers given re: environmental risks to children
AAAS - Small Child's Alchemy - 1976

C KATE 3-18Misc. Correspondence re: Man and the  Biosphere (alphabetically  arranged)
Man and the Biosphere - Project #13 -U.S./Canada Toronto - June, 1975
MAB National Commission
MAB Review of Program Meeting in Wash. D. C. Oct. 31-Nov. 1, 1976
MAB - Post 1976 Correspondence
MAB Project 13 Workshop - Victoria, B. C. - May 24-28, 1976
NSF (National Science Foundation) - a preliminary proposal - "Climate Fluctuations & Social Well Being"
Correspondence - CLIMPOP (Climate & Population)
SCOPE - Committee on Climate Impact -1977
Climate Fluctuations Grant 1977-78
CLIMPOP Working Papers - 1980
CLIMPOP Group Notes - 1978
NSF - CLIMPOP draft Summary - 1982
NAS Climate Program Workshop, Wood'sHole, 1985
CLIMPAX, 1983-1987

C KATE 3-19
Risk Assessment and Hazards Management
Risk Assessment, drafts and corres.,1982-1983
Climate Impact Assessment, drafts and
correspondence, 1981-1983
Miscellaneous Publications
Correspondence regarding various publications
“The Climate Impact, Perception and
Adjustment Experiment” (CLIMPAX)
HAZTECH Advisory Committee Meeting, Nov. 1980
Improving Societal Management of
Technological Hazard
“Locus & Legacy Project,” 1978
NSF Risk Analysis
HAZTECH – Managerial Audit
HAZTECH – Managerial Studies

C KATE 3-20
NSF Safety and Sensitivity Project
Effect of Climate Fluctuations on Human
Populations, (CLIMPOP), meeting notes, minutes, memos
CLIMPOP, Grant Proposal, project description, tentative paper
“Technological Hazard and the Choice of
Appropriate Technology”
“The Nature of Technological Hazard” and related correspondence
High Technology Hazards, 1984-1985
Pests and Pesticides, corres., 1978-1980
Pests and Pesticides, workshop report, 1979

C KATE 3-21
Decision Research – Clark Hazard Taxonomy
Taxonomy Construction
Documentation of the Hazard Taxonomy: 1980-1981

C KATE 3-22
AAAS Meeting, January 1982
Issues in Radioactive Waste Management
Labor Laity Health Loss Estimates
Labor and Laity – Equity Issues, 1979-1981
Hazard Proposals
National Hazard Conference, Worcester 1970
“The Environment as Hazard” correspondence

C KATE 3-2
3SCOPE (Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment)/CEISAR Communication of Environmental Information and Societal Response) Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1972-75
ICSO/SCOPE "Natural Hazard Research: A Paradigm for all Syndromes” 1973
1974 Corres. Re: IIASA (International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis)
1974-75 Corres. Re: UNEP/Risk (a United Nations Environment Program)
UNEP/RISK Theory, Paper, Notes - 1974
RARE (Risk Assessment in Rare Events) 
Correspondence 1974-75
Risk and Rare Events - 1975
RASR "Managing Technological Hazards"- Draft & Comments-1975
Risk Assessment of Environmental Hazard (SCOPE 8) l977-78
Misc. Corres. 1976-1982 - Risk Assessment of Environmental Hazards
RASR Requests for "Managing Technological Hazards:  Research Needs & Opportunities, 1977
CONAES (Committee on Nuclear and Alternative Energy Systems)                         
Correspondence - 1978
Risk Measures for Radioactive and Waste Management Study Proposal and Correspondence, 1977-79
NRC/CORDAM (Common Risk and Decision Making) Correspondence 1979-1980
NRC/CORDAM Report 1981, chapters 1-4
NRC/CORDAM Report 1981, chapters 5-8
Scope Workshop on Perceptions and Management of Pests and Pesticides - 1979

C KATE 3-24
National Academy of Sciences
NAS Misc. Correspondence - 1974-79
NAS-Kates' election to membership - 1975
NAS - DRODAT Planning Workshop - 1976
American Academy of Arts & Sciences,  "PUGWASH" Committee - 1976
NSF - "Collaborative Research on Risk  Assessment and Societal Response to   Environmental Hazards of Human Origin", 1976
NAS/SCOPE/IEPC General File - 1977
NAS  1977 Committee on Atmospheric Sciences, Washington, D.C.
NAS - Assembly of Behavioral and Social Sciences of the National Research Council, 1973-77
NAS - Report Review Committee - 1976-77
NAS - Temporary Nominating Committee in   Geography, 1976-77
NAS/MURS - Symposium-Risk and the Decision-Making Process:  Ethics, Science and Practice - 1980

C KATE 3-25
National Science Foundation
NSF - Collaborative Research Corres. 1967-74
NSF - Collaborative Research Progress Report, Aug., 1969
NSF - Collaborative Research Complete     Proposal - 1972
Australian Academy of Science - Natural   Hazards Conf.-1974
MAB/NSF - Draft of Proposal & Background   Material re Environmental Hazards - 1975
MAB/SCORE/NSF - Hazard Identification   Workshop Background Material & Corres., 1976-77
NSF/RANN - Roundtable Presentation, 1976
NRC (National Research Council) - Socio   Economic Effects of Earthquake Prediction, 1976-77
NSF - Volcanoes Proposal and Award - 1980
"Part and Apart:  Issues in Humankind's   Relationship to the Natural World" by   Kates-1981
Natural Disasters - Misc., 1984
A Model of Technological Hazardousness (1977 grant)
Millennial Longwaves 1983-1986
Surprise Workshop, 1984-1986

C KATE 3-26
Hazards Assessment - Corres. with Dow   Chemical Co.-1978
Hazards Assessment - Corres. with Pfizer, Inc.
Hazards Control - Misc. - 1976-84
Equity Issues In Long-Term Energy Planning, 1978
Radioactive Waste Management - 1979
NRC (Natl. Research Council)Exploratory Study of Risk Assessment,1979
NRC Risk Assessment Committee - 1981

C KATE 3-27
Residential – Permanent Interviews, site #01
Residential – Permanent Interviews, site #02
Residential – Permanent Interviews, site #03
Residential – Permanent Interviews, site #04
Residential – Permanent Interviews, site #05
Residential – Permanent Interviews, site #06
Residential – Permanent Interviews, site #07
Residential – Permanent Interviews, site #08
Residential – Permanent Interviews, site #09
Residential – Permanent Interviews, site #10

C KATE 3-28
Residential – Permanent Interviews, site #11
Residential – Permanent Interviews, site #12
Land Use Data, sites #01 and 02
Land Use Data, site #03
Land Use Data, site #04
Land Use Data, site #05
Land Use Data, sites #06 and 07
Land Use Data, sites #08 and 09
Land Use Data, sites #10 and 11
Land Use Data, site #12
Notebook on Coastal Study Sites

C KATE 3-29
Commercial Interview, site #01
Commercial Interview, sites #02 and 03
Commercial Interview, site #04
Commercial Interview, site #05
Commercial Interview, site #06
Commercial Interview, sites #7 and 08
Commercial Interview, site #9
Commercial Interview, site #10
Commercial Interview, site #11
Commercial Interview, site #12


C KATE 4-1
“Hunger, Poverty, and the Human Environment”
Michigan State University
“Ending World Hunger…” University of New Hampshire, 1990
Statement to Congress, September 26, 1990
Keynote Address, 5th Annual Hunger Research
Briefing and Exchange
“Food Security and the Environment…” U.N., 1992
Simmons College, November 1992
7th Annual Hunger Research Briefing and Exchange
WHP Publications 1992-1995
Brown University Professor/Director’s Appointment
“Overcoming Hunger” Conference, Thailand 1994
“Overcoming Hunger” Thailand, correspondence
“Overcoming Hunger” Bellagio, Italy related
The Associates Report, 1986-1995
Foreign Agriculture and Hunger Subcommittee
Hunger Courses, Kates, 1987-1992
WHP Evaluation, 1992
Preparatory Documents and Correspondence 1983-1985
Documents and Correspondence 1987
Documents and Correspondence 1988-1989
Documents and Correspondence 1990-1991
Documents and Correspondence 1992-1993
Documents and Correspondence 1994-1995
Documents and Correspondence 1996
Retirement from WHP and Brown


C KATE 5-1
Academy of Arts & Sciences
Academy of Independent Scholars
AAAS (Amer. Assoc. for the Advancement of   Science) Committee on Climate
Association of American Geographers
Association of American Universities, Energy Advisory Committee - 1979
Boulder Workshop, 1973
Committee on the National Inventory of Soil and Water Conservation Needs
Distinguished Scholar Exchange Program
Futures of New England - 1980
IDRC - International Development Research  Center (1972-74)
IGU (International Geographical Union) Commission on "Man-Environment,"  1974-78
July 27-Aug. 13, 1976 - IGU Conference in Moscow, USSR
July 25-31, 1978 - IGU Working Group on Environmental Perception - Ibadan,  Nigeria
International Environment Program Committee-SCOPE, 1977-79
International Institute of Applied Systems  Analysis
"Massachusetts Tomorrow"
McArthur Foundation
National Academy of Engineering Symposium-- Hazards: Equity, Incentives, Compensation"
Natural Hazards Conferences

C KATE 5-2
NRC-International Environment Program Committee, 1978 meeting in Worcester
NRC Panel on Coastal Surges from Hurricanes, 1973
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
Oxfam America
Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Program
Scholar-Leadership Enrichment Program
Russell Sage Foundation Consultancy
Scientific Programs Evaluation Committee (University Cooperation for Atmospheric Research)
Study Group on Societal Consequences of Weather Modification
Social Science Research Council-1982-84
University of Dacca (Bangladesh Assistance)
United Nations in New York
William Temple Conference - 1981-82
Wilson Center Fellowship – 1978

C KATE 5-3
National Academy of Science
National Academy of Science Committee on Human Rights "The Scientists' Dilemma: Conflict Between Concerns for HumanRights and the Imperative toCommunicate", 1979 [Kates & Todd]
NAS Council Meetings; Spring, 1985.
NAS Committee on Human Rights, Kates chrmn., Minutes and Other Business, 1976-79
NAS News Stories (chronologically  arranged)
Kates Paper "Human Issues in Human Rights" and related correspondence - 1978
"Human Issues Human Rights"- the experience of the committee on Human Rights of NAS 
NAS Committee on Human Rights; Visa Campaign
NAS Committee General Correspondence A-L
NAS Committee General Correspondence M-Z
NAS Correspondence re:  Argentina Situation (chronological)
NAS Correspondence re:  Asia (Korea, Taiwan, China) (chronological)
NAS Correspondence re:  Brazil[Argolo] (chronological)
NAS Correspondence re: Czechoslovakia(chronological)
NAS Correspondence re:  Fed. Rep. of  West Germany (chronological)
NAS Correspondence re:  Greece (Spandidos) (chronological)
NAS Correspondence re:  Indonesia (chronological)
NAS Correspondence re:  Israel (chronological)
Misc. Correspondence
C KATE 5-4
NAS Correspondence re:  Soviet Union: Non-  selected, withdrawn
NAS Correspondence re:  Soviet Union Situation (chronological, 1972 -1977) 1 of 2
NAS Correspondence re:  Soviet Union Situation (1978 & 1979) 2 of 2
NAS Correspondence re:  Uganda NAS Correspondence re:  Uruguay

C KATE 5-5
H. John Heinz III Center – “Evaluation of Erosion
Hazards Board on Sustainable Development, 1995
Board on Sustainable Development, 1996
Board on Sustainable Development, 1997-1998
Board on Sustainable Development, 1999
George Perkins Marsh Institute Advisory
Rediscovering Geography Committee
Consequences Editorial Board
IIASA Evaluation Committee
Carnegie Commission’s Task Force on Development


C KATE 6-1
National Medal of Science, 1991
National Medal of Science, Articles and Congratulations
Honorary Degree from Clark University, 1993
Songs, Poems, Awards…
MacArthur Prize Fellowship, Clippings
MacArthur Fellows Reunions
MacArthur Correspondence
MacArthur Fellowship Congratulations


C KATE 7-1
"Resources For The Future," 1966
Invitations for Publication
Drought and Water Supply:  Implications of the Massachusetts Experience for Municipal Planning, 1970
Correspondence re: Drought and Water Supply
Views on Environmental Problems in East Africa, 1972
Correspondence and agreement with Oxford Press, 1973
Correspondence with authors, 1973-75
Flood, Flood Control and Flood Loss
Reduction World Book Encyclopedia, 1974
Experiencing The Environment, 1974-75
LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE - "Planning the Landscape for a Hazardous Future," 1975
Correspondence re: Environment as Hazard
Environment as Hazard
Planning for Hazards in Everyday Landscapes-1975
Corres. re: Urbanization and Environment - 1975-80
"Hazards" Science Yearbook - 1976
"The Hydrologic Cycle and the Wisdom of the Child", The Geographical Review
"The Distrust of Nuclear Power" Science, Vol.196 - 1977

C KATE 7-2
Reviews of "The Environment as Hazard,"     
"Reconstruction Following Disaster,"                   
 "Risk of Environmental Hazard"
"Part and Apart:  Issues in Humankind's Relationship to the Natural World"                  
 chapter in The Experiment of Life: Science and Religion, 1983
The Human Environment:  PenultimateProblems of Survival, l983
Correspondence re Problems of Survival
"Labor-Laity" - OSHA - 1983
"The Ultimate Development:  The Next Century," 1984
Success, Strain, and Surprise (Issues in Science and Technology Fall 1985)
“Human Perception of the Environment,” 1970


C KATE 8-1
Gilbert White Festschrift - Corres., A-F
Gilbert White Festschrift - Corres., G-K
Gilbert White Festschrift - Corres., L-P
Gilbert White Festschrift - Corres., Q-Z
Gilbert White Festschrift - Corres., editorial materials
Manuscripts - Essay Collection Honoring Gilbert White (a)
Manuscripts - Essay Collection Honoring Gilbert White (b)
Manuscripts - Essay Collection Honoring Gilbert White (c)


C KATE 9-1
Humboldt Lecture, March 1999
GCTE-LUCC Conference, Barcelona
NAS Committee on Human Rights
Higgins Chair in Environment and Society
Clark University Environmental School Inauguration
Gilbane Lecture, Brown
NASA Seminar
FAS, Worldbank
Hubbard Medal Presentation
Climate Change and World Food Security
Assorted Lectures and Symposiums, 1992-1999

Updated January 7, 2003


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